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7. April 2011 15:23

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Will there be some sort of editor in the game or will it in any other way be possible to change some stuff from the game?

I remember that in AT1 it was possible to add more routes by simply adding the new routes in one of the text files that was used by the game and it worked pretty fine. Apart from it crashed if I changed anything with the airports whose name consisted of more than one word (i.e. New York or New Delhi).

I don't know how the route system works in AT2, has anything been said about that? Will it work similar to how it worked in AT1 where there are a few pre-defined routes for every airport or will it be possible to create routes more freely?

Either way it would be nice to be able to edit some of it. If it works like At1 it would be great to add more routes so that I can make my preferred home airport into an international one with many routes to choose from.

If it's done more freely then I guess something would have to be changed somewhere to allow smaller airports to become international.

I for one would like to play with Stockholm as an international airport and if it's not possible in the original version of the game it would be good if it was possible to make it happen with some editing.

Maybe it would also be possible to add new airports with an editor? I don't know what's the reason for the 80 airport limit is? If it's because it would take too much time to add more airports than that it could be a good idea to let the community add their own.

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