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18. Oktober 2010 12:42

Registriert: 11. Oktober 2010 14:41
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Longhaired bomber* …. (Sabotaging in AT2)

It is time again for another idea gathering, as you can easily see from the title, it is going to be about sabotaging this time – I think I am not going to reveal a big secret if I say that sabotaging your fellow players is going to be included in AT2 again.

As already possible in AT1 you can hire suspicious henchmen to damage your opponents, who, of course, are going to retaliate :devil: .

Basically we are within the limits of 15 different sabotage actions – and as hinted before in the other surveys, a certain amount of your ideas are going to be taken from this forum (maybe with the aid of a poll :) ).

So put your backs into it if you want to see your favorite sabotage idea implemented in AT2!

And by the way:
In AT2 nobody is dying! Sabotage actions in which Humans are killed (or maimed) are a definite no go, these ideas are going to be disqualified a priori.

*[Transl.: :idea: This is a phrase often used in jest to mock young males wearing long hair it is a relic of Germanys past, see RAF]

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31. Oktober 2010 17:39

Registriert: 22. Februar 2010 04:57
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Hi there, it has been a while since i posted on this forum and its good to see that you want our input..

A few ideas of sabotage include
1. Changing the flight auto pilot so instead of the plane going to one destination it goes to another which costs the company in fuel/food/wages to get the passangers to the destination. This could also cause follow up delays with the planes schedule.

2. Tamper with the electronics on the fligh so the oxygen masks fall from the roof and send the passengers into a state of shock. Which gives the airline their travelling with a bad reputation.


3. Passengers get hypnotised by competitors airline company by listening to the radio saying their flying with someone else. (Like the brochures in the plane in AT1 but with new technology being the radio/headset)

Hope these ideas help

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