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11. Oktober 2010 18:28

Registriert: 11. Oktober 2010 14:41
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Hallo together,

As previously announced we would like to ask you for your opinion concerning specific areas of the game. We have basically planned to directly integrate a certain amount, of the, these topics concerning user suggestions, in the game, dependant on how many users are going to involve them here we are happily willing to raise this certain amount.
So please involve yourselves eagerly.

For starts we begin with the type of aircrafts.
What kind of (standard-)aircrafts should be available in AT2?
What is your favorite aircraft?
What kind of flamboyant aircrafts would you like to see?
And what are the characteristics of these aircrafts?
The more detailed your information concerning the aircrafts are then all the better and it is going to be more likely to make it in to the game.
So ideally it would look like this:
I would like to have “whatchamacallit 999 model XYZ (lots and lots of engines) [url]Wikipedia/whatchamacallit999modelXYZ[url]

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3. November 2010 04:59

Registriert: 3. November 2010 02:27
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Wohnort: Brazil

Wow!!! I love planes, seriously!
The standard crafts should be the models in current production from (among others):

As for the used/old planes, the game should have the old models like (among others):

My favorite planes are:
-Boeing 737 family. The classics (300/400/500 series) and the next generation (600/700/800/900ER series).
-Embraer E-Jets family (EMB-170/175/190/195 series)

I think it would be interesting if we had options to configure the planes cabins, choosing classes, seat pitch and all that.

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10. November 2010 15:22

Registriert: 5. Mai 2010 16:03
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Wohnort: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

There must be new generation aircraft...

Airbus A350
Airbus A380
Bombardier Cseries
Boeing 787
Fokker (Or Rekkof) XF70 - XF100

There must be also more regional either jet or turboprop aircrafts...

Antonov 148
ATR42/72 - 600 (The new series)
Bombardier Q400
Bombardier CRJ1000
Dornier 328 (Favorite)
Embraer E-jets
Mitsubishi MRJ
Sukhoi Superjet 100

You know what would be cool?

Antonov 225 (cargo) OMG! :thumbup:

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