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11. Oktober 2010 18:21

Registriert: 11. Oktober 2010 14:41
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B-Alive seeks the super Airport (in German you have a pun here which is sadly not really translatable, it is referring to a German TV-Show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”)
It`s about time for the next idea gathering which I will use likewise to tell you a tad about the game mechanics of AT2 (Alright maybe it is not that new ;) )

Because of the financial crisis we have decided to reduce the amount of Airports in AT2 to a total count of 6 …….

NOT! ;)
But we decided to divide the Earth in 6 “zones”, namely:
Russia (or to be more precise the area of the former Soviet Union)
Europe (approximately the same as the EU)
Asia and Oceania
Africa including the Middle East
North America (including the Caribbean)
South America
Each of these “zones” (which are not up for discussion; and let me tell you all, I am going to take decisive actions against any spawning here :devil: ) are getting an international airport assigned (as to speak the most important airport in this region)

What we would like to read from you now are suggestions which airport is the most suited. In an ideal situation you would of course add some explanations to it and if possible a source.

This is once again an experiment, if we think this is working out great then we are maybe going to do the same with the other airports too (and I don`t want to read any suggestions about them just yet)

So who`s got some ideas :?:

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11. Oktober 2010 19:02

Registriert: 1. Oktober 2010 13:03
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Thank you for translating.
But the times are changing ;)

Which means there is a new thread regarding this issues.
Didn't think you would translate as fast as you did, so sorry, next time I'll inform you in time!

Perfektion ist nicht dann erreicht, wenn es nichts mehr hinzuzufügen gibt, sondern wenn man nichts mehr weglassen kann.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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