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24. April 2010 12:13

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At the beginning of the game, every player selects a region as a home region. The international airport in the region is his home airport. This airport is most important airport for the player, because he not only begins there, he is also physically present there. The country wil be set by the selected character. In his homeland the player has start advantages.

As in part 1 the player will also walk around at the airport and make transactions. He can see the activities of the passengers. For example, how they go to the takeoff terminal or how they come back from a strenuous flight.

Moreover, the player can arm his start airport. These improvements for the start airport are rather global, i.e. they affect the whole Airline of the player. This is a quite critical point. We leave the fact that all players play at one airport, they are distributed about the world. The advantage of this is that the start airport is clearly important for the player as in the predecessor and he can arm him for himself. Moreover, we change the contention situation, because every player expands first without other players.

Please excuse if there are grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes in the text. If you find a mistake, please send a personal message to me. I will immediately correct the mistake.

R.I.P. Armin Gessert - Unvergessen für die Ewigkeit!

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